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For more than 200 years, the sinuous evolution of the technical higher education in Iași has created our community, which nowadays represents a pole of influence and power within the largest city in the North – Eastern part of Romania.

I am confident that architecture and engineering are representing us in all the dimensions that humankind has known and intuitively sensed.

Continuing the old traditions of this university, we are in the position to build the harmonious future that is so necessary for our development as well as of those who join us every year.

We are defined by the practical oriented thinking and by the activities planned within creativity and innovation.

The academic and student campuses are permanently open to including young spirits, animated by their success in life and the enthusiasm of special experiences.

Through the courage we have assumed at the beginning, I truly believe that we shall prove solidarity and that together we shall always be a university under the sign of quality.

Professor Dan CAȘCAVAL




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