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University Management Board


Rector: Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Dan Cașcaval, rectorat@tuiasi.ro
Tel.: 0232/212-322; fax: 0232/211-667


President of the Senate: Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Doru Adrian Pănescu
Tel.: 0232/212-322; fax: 0232/211-667



Vice-Rector for Didactic Affairs and Quality Assurance,
Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Eugen Seghedinnseghed2003@yahoo.com
Tel.: 0232/212-326; fax: 0232/211-667

Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, Development and Innovation,
Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Maria Carmen Loghin,
Tel.: 0232/212-324; fax: 0232/211-667

Vice-Rector for Resource Management
Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Dumitru Marcel Istrate,

Vice-Rector for International Affairs,
Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Irina Lungu,

Mail: ilungu@ce.tuiasi.ro,
Tel. / Fax: 0232/278-628

Vice-Rector for Informatisation and Digital Communications,
Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Math. Daniel Condurache,
Mail: daniel.condurache@gmail.com,
Tel.: 0232/212-326;
Fax: 0232/211- 667

Vice-Rector for Student Affairs
Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Cezar Oprișan, pro_stud@tuiasi.ro,
Tel. / Fax: 0232/262-328


Chairman of Academic Doctoral School Board (ADSB),
Ph.D. Prof. Eng. Liviu Goraş,
Tel.: 0232/212-326; fax: 0232/211-667



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