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Department of Students Services


Hello and welcome to the site of the Student Affair Department! You are here because you are one of the 8100 students who could benefit from accommodation in one of the 21 hostels of ”Gheorghe Asachi” University of Iasi.

The 211 employees of the Student Affair Department are here to work for you and they are divided into three different departments- social, financial-accounting and technical.


We want our students to be able to combine study with entertainment and to feel at ease in Tudor Vladimirescu campus.  That is why, everyday, we try to organise different activities in which we involve all our love.


Among other things, we:

- Modernise the hostels and the technical details for students accommodation

- We prepare the process of accommodation for our students both during the academic year and during the re-examination period

- Release mass transportation pass cards for the students of our University

- Set up the necessary formalities for student facilities

- Approve monthly the preliminary cost for the accommodation

- Monitor daily the utility expenses

- Issue monthly invoices in order to cash the expenses of the utilities from the providers

- Issue monthly invoices in order to cash the cost of the expenses of the utilities from students

- Pay monthly the invoices to the ensure the good functioning of the spaces within the campus

- Prepare and take part to all meeting of the Social Commission

- Fill in the forms  to approve the decisions taken by the Social Commission in the Senate office meeting  our university

- Draw up the monthly pay list for the scholarship awarded students and the scholarship awarded PhD students coming from The Republic of Moldavia.

- Through our three thermal power plant points,  we provide heating , hot and drinkable water utilities;

- We ensure the proper maintenance of power distribution grids;

- We provide landscaping maintenance for the green plots in order to ensure a pleasant environment;

- We maintain and administrate the campus gym;

- We assist with any social matter the students  might confront with;

- We keep in touch with all student communities and their representatives;

- We provide any service required by the student communities: providing utilities at optimal parameters ensure low-cost accommodation fee, the opportunity to have meals at affordable prices, providing low-cost internet access and cable TV, and so on.

- On our website, you may find all the necessary information regarding the student administrative and social matters and we are at your disposal through our contact web page for any suggestion or any request.



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