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“G. M. Cantacuzino” Architecture Faculty


Arh 0.JPGShort history

The School of Architecture in Iasi started in 1970 as a department with in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, re-opened in 1990 and became the Faculty of Architecture "G.M. Cantacuzino” since 2005.

About the Faculty

Through specific didactic and research-designing aims, our Faculty forms specialists in architecture who are able to work mainly  in the design area, assisting and building all kinds of constructions, but also in research, education or  administration.

Its activity focuses on the creation of  the necessary abilities requiered in domains like - architecture, urbanism, restoration, interior design, especially for the districts of Moldavia, an important reason that led to the refounding of the department in 1990.

Diploma in architecture awarded by the Faculty of Architecture for our graduates  is automatically recognized in the European Union since 2013.

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