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Faculty of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management


Short history

TEX 01.jpgThe Faculty of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management was the first textile faculty in Romania and was the only one until 1990. The Faculty was founded in Bucharest in 1934 under the name of Higher School of Textiles. A new period of development started in 1952, when the faculty was transferred to Iaşi and became The School of Textile and Leather Engineering.

Beginning with 1955, it was incorporated within "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of Iaşi, having a similar structure to the actual one.


About the Faculty

The Faculty of Textiles, Leather and Industrial Management aims to face the challenge of competitiveness in a high-tech sector, by training the students with the most recent and advanced knowledge. The purpose is to develop the professional skills of the graduates so that they may become specialists in textiles and leather production, education and research areas. The faculty is committed to:

•  train highly qualified specialists and develop their theoretical and practical skills for the textiles and leather industry and to offer continuous training in order to continuously raise the professional level of the specialists in the field of textiles;

• develop a flexible and modern teaching process and the scientific and technological research;

• provide a dynamic relationship with the textiles industry and its related fields;

• develop managerial and entrepreneurial skills for the management of the production and business areas.

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