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Scientific Research and Innovation - General Presentation


The “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI) is rated as an advanced research and higher education university, according to the Ministry Decree MECTS No. 5262/2011 and it is also accredited as a research and development system unit of national interest, according to ANCS Decree No. 9708/20.07.2009.


TUIASI was awarded the High Trust Institution rating by the ARACIS Committee in 2009 and it is presently offering bachelor and master degree studies programs, doctoral and post-doctoral research. The institution is also developing scientific research grants in 14 research fields, out of which 10 have been A rated according to Law No. 1/2011 and Government Order No. 789/2011.


The Scientific Research and Innovation Vice Rector’s Office coordinates the scientific research, development, technological transfer and innovation activities, developed in national and international research grants.

The dissemination of scientific research results is made through the various sections of the Iasi Polytechnic Institute Bulletin, as well as by publishing books and monographs at the Politehnium Publishing House.



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