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Research laboratories

The University has 14 high performance research laboratories:


→ Certified High Performance Computing Laboratory;

→ Certified Robotics;

→ CIM and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory;

→ Unconventional Technology Research Laboratory;

→ Industrial Hydraulic Drive Laboratory;

→ Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory;

→ Hot and Cold Water Debit Measuring Equipment Testing/Calibration Laboratory;

→ High Performance Multifunctional Polymeric Materials Platform (MATMIP);

→ Environmental Protection and Renewable Resources Advanced Technology;

→ Wide Band Electromagnetic Properties of Bio and Nanocomposite Materials Profiling Laboratory;

→ Environmental Measurements and Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory;

→ Materials Study Laboratory;

→ Metallic Materials Properties Laboratory;

→ TEXTILEXPERT Laboratory, "Physical, Mechanical and Comfort Properties of Textile Products Texting" Research Laboratory.


Research fields: control engineering, informatics, robotics, artificially intelligence, chemicals and biochemicals production, water and residual water treatment, waste management and recycling, environment and environmental rehabilitation processes, water source management, mechanical engineering and, materials and biomaterials science and technology,  garment and textile industries, civil engineering, electrotechnics, power supplying, sensors production, metallurgy, industrial engineering and management, computer sciences, electronics, architecture and urbanism.

The university holds 14 high-end research laboratories.



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